nevermind the stuff under the cut, it's just me being flaily over my new wallet >:P and a new minorcrush! >:D

finally bought a new wallet! haha >XD after weeks of swooning over this black 3fold kipling wallet i saw at ebay, i finally bought one awhile ago... at greenhills! and what's cooler is that it's RED. yessss, freaking red! my awesome favorite color. i remember clicking the "bid" button at ebay yesterday, but canceled it when it prompted me for confirmation. i don't know what held me back, i guess my angel did cos i'm bound to find something better! something cheaper! the one at ebay costs 600, and shipping is 120. and the user hasn't replied to me so nevermind (she's online the other day but didn't reply to my query, maybe because i have 0 feedback points. fucking biased). the one at greenhills is 430. haha still pricey for a wallet but it's too rare so i don't care. and it's red.  >:D

we (terai and i) scouted the entire bags/wallets section for that! fawking rare. =___=; there's only one store who sells it. the rest sells the same things, the same shiny leather class A imitation stuff that'd still cost you an arm. and because leather doesn't appeal to me as much as fabric does, i'm not going back there anymore for wallets. haha clothes, sure. but nothing like divi... so nevermind still. hehe

i doubt he'll ever read this so i'll spill the name...
just recently i saw my sunday school classmate, maverick, at church and was shocked because he looks like HARRY POTTER now!!! he wears glasses and uhm, probably had problems growing up vertically but still, he looks like HARRY POTTER especially during his first year at hogwarts wahahahaha. >:P sooo cute!

never talked to each other, though the air of familiarity is there haha, too shy. k

will reserve slots tomorrow at school! haha i'm nervous about my grades, especially mathlog and webdev. wtf.

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