i have 2 new SETS of pens!!!! that's 40 multicolored pens to waste on my excessive doodling and to add to my ever growing colored pens collection! wahahaha! thank you so much brian!!! so now i've got around 7 sets of pens.... 4 felt tips, 2 metallics, and 1 gel. HAHAHA such a pen freak. anything i could use to draw colorfully makes my heart skip a bit, really! wahahaha lovely day!

onto this day, so earlier i mentioned i finished reading a book... i'm still fantasizing about my own Luke Brandon, arrogant, handsome, well-built, and rich! though me being a financial journalist (let alone, a journalist) is in the least of my career choices, i still wanna meet someone like him and fall in love! yeah, there's something undeniably irresistible with the arrogant-handsome-well-built-and-rich package that just takes me away, and guess what? it's not about love at all.

it's all about security. yeah, but that's just me. i mean, it's one thing to cuddle up with someone and feel safe. it's also one thing to talk intelligently to your partner; current events, showbiz, nat geo and discovery channel and LAUGH. then it's also one thing not to worry about money. it's kinda perfect the way i imagine it to be hahaha

so onto school...

we didn't have classes at data structures awhile ago so our teacher just let us play and browse the internet hehehe. rizlife (life and works of rizal) was kinda boring, but i guess i can tolerate it. why, i have no girl friends. then, webdev3! gaaaawd, sometimes i wish my teacher would stop praising me, it's embarassing! he was my C++ teacher so he knows me pretty well.  if only he knew how much i sucked at arrays in java programming and that i passed an unoriginal project, maybe he'd quit venerating me and my honest-to-goodness RAW programming skills. yes it's flattering but not really worth boasting around in the 'outside world'. he keeps mentioning my surname telling my classmates how good i am, that there are only a few good female programmers around **, i wish i could sink in my seat and disappear. it also adds to the list of expectations i must live up to. i couldn't disappoint this teacher, not when he's so proud of me. hello, stress, we meet again!!!

** - i never believed this one. i'm never really a good programmer. i mean, if you were here, you'd think life is too easy.

anyway. i'm kind of dreading wednesday because i have only one subject and it's filitwo (filipino 2). it runs for 4 freaking hours and i'm afraid of being friendless, my filione friends are all in a different section. i'm kind of hoping majorcrush is there, but i'm also sort of wishing otherwise. i have to have friends first. i need friends to spend the breaks with. nooooo, i hate being a loner. :(

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