waiting for the coffee to kick in >:)

finally, uhm, i'm busy! cos if i'm not i wouldn't be seeking the help of my favorite compound, 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine. lol that's the only thing i picked up from taking organic chemistry thrice, and quite the only thing that got stuck in my mind. oyehh. C8H10N4O2. how do you draw that again? >_<

by the way, i bought a new phone! LG KP500 Cookie! yey for finally upgrading to touchscreen. still needs a lot of getting used to, man, i text slower with it. and it's pretty slow too! i sold my nokia 1202 to my aunt. i'll miss its simplicity, and... the flashlight! hohoho okokok, if in a month i see glitches, i'm selling it online and buy a cheaper bar phone. hahaha oki have work to do, a long homework and an increasingly annoying java project we weren't even briefed on. 

sometimes, i enjoy doing favors. not because i'm genuinely helpful but because i like the feeling that people count on me, or that my skills are wanted, or that they think i'm fit for the job. hehe? 

haaaaaaaayyy. i still get this awkward feeling when we're alone together, just talking. i like it that he's pouring out, like he trusts me. too bad i can't do the same because... because, rarrrr it's different opening up to your crush. it's not like how you rant with your best friend. the latter feels more liberating. which is why i conclude he's never (and never will be) into me, because he's too comfortable. ha? i dunno, that's how i am with my super close friends. and most people i know can't talk well with their crushes. uhm i, for one, do. i'm blabbing. shut me up. 

practice was fun. i had to temporarily fill in for a missing cast while we're not doing anything on the props yet. i actually wanted to skip this day's practice cos we were dismissed at 2pm and the prac is at 530 (imagine the waaaiiit)!!! but i got guilty, cos ludrick texted and jot needs my company there. haha okaaay.

haven't started coding. must go now. >:\


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