-- so yesterday, i excused myself from work to attend my mom's awarding at makati shang. i commuted from home and had only ice breaker for lunch. oh, i also went down at the wrong mrt station -- buendia -- supposed to be ayala haha. they were both undergound, so i got confused. i wasn't listening to the prompt, plus i was too busy covering my nonexistent cleavage. apparently i forgot i was gonna commute, and wore a sleeveless, plunging black top. hehe

-- i arrived at room 2204 looking extremely haggard. then i had to dress up quickly cos my mom was already dressed. nyahehehe blah blah blah blah

-- DINNER: gaaawd my favorite part. i promised to enjoy that night because terai and daddy will be the ones consuming the complimentary breakfasts the next day (na eat-all-you-can HUHUHU). so dapat, kakain ako ng madami! oh my gawd, i thought the appetizer was already the main dish. anyway, a company executive was present at our table and we both noticed how delicious the food was (walang kamatayang shrimp and smoked salmon salad. i get this every time i'm on a fine-dinning treat) and that it was lacking sparkling white wine. haha my mom enjoyed the food too!

-- pero kasi ganito yan. there was a vacant seat beside me tapos nilagyan din ng food nung waiter. so i was practically lusting over the plate next to me. i wish i could eat it too! hayok sa appetizer ampota! eh wala namang uupo dun eh! HAHA i mentioned it to my mom, gusto rin nya. you know what happened? i noticed mr. executive whispering something to the waiter, then pointing to me. WTF. then it happened, the waiter took my empty plate and replaced it with the plate i was lusting after. mr excutive (who looked like Tony Stark from Iron Man) probably read through my patay gutom manners. NAKAKAHIYA. so i thought, i couldn't eat this. sobrang nakakahiya. so i texted my dad to hurry up! sa kanya na lang yon! sunod sya sa hall,  para sya na dun sa vacant seat. haha

-- then mr. tony stark probably noticed i wasn't eating my "favorite" dish  so she called the waiter AGAIN (shoot me now please), and whispered something. next thing i know, the waiter gave me a new fork and knife to replace the one i used and was taken earlier. ayoko na. mamamatay na ko sa hiya. i turned to tony stark and said, "naku sir, nakakahiya naman senyo." and he said, "no no no, i can afford it."

--- what the fuuuuuuucccck.

-- okokokokok. tapos tapos tapos. after so many photo ops. tapos na. tulog na ko! i woke up 5am, took a bath, dressed up, then waaaaaaalked a fucking mile to the mrt station. then i took the fx to fcm, nakasabay ko pa si sir lloyd akalain mo. HAHA uwi muna sa bahay... tulog ng onti... woke up 15 minutes before 8! e may work ako ng 8, the fuuuuuck. pero oks naman.

-- school. HAHAHA crush ko na yata sya ulit. crush laaaang. hehe

-- haha pero majorcrush ko na yata yung anak ng coleague ni mama na nagttrabaho na ngayon, at aspiring MDRT. yan ang my future! hay ewan.

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