i make my own issues

i'm close to proclaiming facebook as the spawn of the devil. or part of the illuminati or some new world order cult. i mean, lady gaga is one, so facebook is most probably its minion, including google. and they're taking over the world. what if, everything that's going mainstream is involved in this whole NWO conspiracy? how about Justin Bieber (i never liked him but he's all over the place)? uhm, and Glee? apparently, media is "the" tool. everything the NWO people endorses includes subliminal messages and patterns that hypnotize us into patronizing it with such fervor, all to the point of worship.

Lord, i may be paranoid but the implications are alarming. we are violating your commandments by being swayed by these "idols".

dear Lord, thank you, because today, I RECEIVED MY SALAREEEEH!!! >XD >XD okaaaay, it's not too big, but it's accumulating. it's quite a miracle that i was able to cut down on expenses lately, no new items. i usually just buy what's running out in my bathroom. and not that i'm a spendthrift either, my friend actually noticed that i'm kinda thrifty. my rule is: you can cut down on anything, just don't starve yourself.

oh yeah, i have an exception... i'm impulsive when it comes to ballpens. hehe so there, food and uhm, ballpens. haha

today was great! had lunch at Mang Inasal with chamel, saycee, raph, yannah and neil. came for the UNLI RICE shempre. BWAHAHAHA we had a contest among ourselves, he/she who eats the most rice shall get errr, an imaginary prize. Raph did! CONGRATS!  tsk, neil and i were 1 rice short! sayaaang LOL

after lunch, came back to school extremely bloated and light headed. i wanted to sleep already, but we still had to play. anyway... we didn't, we just talked it over with our group, and then allowed some of our groupmates to play kunyari, but we already settled our grades HAHA tamad much.

i'm sleepy. goodnight! >:)

PS: i have a feeling that he doesn't care about me anymore, maybe because he noticed that i do too. errr kindof. at least he got what i meant... uhm, and responded correctly...in the way i want him to. facebook will be my eye, and no matter how much i'm wallowing in my masochistic tendencies of annoying myself everytime i jump into his profile, i'll continue to do so HAHA because, uhmm, because much as i hate to admit it, i still care. a bit. a tiny bit. or maybe i don't. i'm just curious. sounds better. you know the quoted line "i never stopped loving you, i only stopped showing it"...? that perfectly fits my case, before... like a month back HAHA but now it's just, hmmmm, "i don't care." haha

i'll get over you soon. promise. >:)
over over na pagka-crush ito!

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