commitment phobia

i thought i'm just afraid of getting into a relationship. but i realized, any form of attachment scares me as well. i don't just accept responsibilities as they are. it's the fear of screwing up that's screwing me today. you know what, sometimes i feel like i can live on my own, without my parent's support, and not bail out on life. 3 years of independence, and a growing work experience are the things that influenced me into thinking this way. i can get a job, rent a room, and live.... simply, of course, but independently.

blah blah blah blaaaaaaahhhh

on waiting: if you decide to wait for someone, make sure you're at the right station. one where he'll surely pass by. HAHA and if ever you get lost, there'll always be someone to help you get back on your tracks. but it's double the effort nga lang. awww. yung kunduktor siguro. wawa naman.

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yey! i finally received my dean's list certificate! the admin prepared a lot for this tri's awarding because the FEU president, Ms. Echauz, graced the event and delivered a very very inspiring speech about hard work and the importance of education. i like her so much! she also shared the top 3 weaknesses of fresh grads when it comes to employment. it came from a survey answered by different employers... the findings were: 1) poor english communication skills 2) poor initiative 3) poor analytical skills. that was so helpful. i'll go work on those 3 lol.

okokokok. i hate you facebook. wala akong natatapos dahil sayo. grrr

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