sorry sorry sorry

so there's this guy who constantly gives me BVs because of his, uhm, arrogance. he's a good friend and i admire him for his visions, missions, goals and objectives (VMGO lol) in life, though at times they sound impossible. he's a pretty smart guy, and probably a sensible one had i not been too prejudiced in psychoanalyzing him. thing is, most of the time i can't ride with his jokes, he either sounded too overbearing/proud OR i was too busy buffering. i'm sure if he was more serious, i'd love talking to him. and he writes well. kind of, well he can write. i mean, write grammatically correct sentences. wth does this have to do with this issue? yeah, but his arrogance is getting in the waaaaay. aksdgaruukblala

anyway, i kinda snubbed him at the library awhile ago cos i was too busy. nyahaha i felt guilty afterwards. so i thought i should make it up to him... by sounding like i don't hate him or something... on facebook. HAHAHA oryt, thanks Lord. feels like we're fine now.

i'm chatting with my best friend a few minutes ago, and discovered yet another thing about him. he likes helpless girls. i wonder if most guys have that kind of complex, hmmmm, let's call it the superhero complex bwahaha. self-explanatory, so you get it right? guys who like saving girls from the brink of nothingness or whatever it is that made them look in distress. i know now, they like damsels in distress!!!! no offense, but i haaaaaate damsels in distress. girls who look like they always need helping, FROM A MAN, on top of that.

yeah, i'm too ma-pride to appreciate unsolicited help that's why.
but occasionally i give em the benefit of the doubt. just to make sure i'm not stepping on a man's ego.

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