ayoko na, ayoko na talaga grrrrrrr

Lord, i did ask you to show me the right man after i graduate, but it doesn't mean i have to bank on the wrong guys right now. Lord, penge na kasing boypren. HAHAHA e kasi po naiinggit ako sa kanila. sila may love life ako wala! puro ilusyon! puro asa! puro crush!!! >:P Lord ah? thank you. he may not be the right guy for me now, but as long as he came from you, i know it's gonna work out. >:) chosssss!!! i'm not even serious but who cares? i'm not playing either... i just need someone. yun lang. Lord, you should know better, what do you think i need?! damn hormones.

earlier, i took back my exam at distruc cos i was so bothered with my score. i was confident pa naman that i'll get a high grade but it turns out i got two mistakes, 7 fucking points each. it wasn't even a mistake... it was, i dunno. i'm still trying to look for an excuse HAHA and with that, i was set at second place by 3 fucking points by none other than.... you know who. the smart little guy who wears glasses. ♥ okay lang, okay lang talaga, lalo ko syang naging crush. haha good competition. grrrr -__-; haaaay di nga...

woooh! i got 32/35 on sir MARIBAY'S quiz. yaaaak pero accomplishment yan. and i have to get straight A's from him from now on to compensate for my low quizzes. nakakaiyak. ayoko na. huhuhu

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