from now on, i'm going to try to write properly. like, chronologically and without bullets. 

so how was this day? it started out fine, got to work, and did an extra hour to compensate for my absence last saturday. lunch hit, ate with saycee and chamel then went in line at the cashier to pay for my tuition. my parents gave me 9.5k because that's what it says in my COR, but when the cashier checked it, i only have to pay 7.something thousand for both midterm and finals! whoa. yeah, i didn't notice that my COR says NET PAY = 7.something K hehehe. so my entire tuition is around 13K only. YEY i thought it was 19K, even with the discount. bwahahaha

after that, i tried on some LMA shirts to get my size. i don't actually want to buy any org shirt but CBS announced that they will be strictly implementing a no-org shirt no-entry policy during wash days. errrrrrr. and because i think LMA has the neatest design among all the orgs, i'm buying one. i'm not even a member but wth. i doesn't trip my guilt that i'm not buying the ICON org shirt instead (where i'm a member). sorry Wil. >:( LOL but that's just half the reason why i bought the shirt. HAHA

FCLC, short for Fernian Chronicles Literary Circle (school newsletter org), which i'm legitimately part of, will also be releasing a shirt, which i'm required to buy. so that means i'm gonna have 2 org shirts for this sem. meg asked jerome and i to design for it... and i'm excited. >8D hahaha

i came home and saw that Payoneer has sent my debit card already! it's the account where all my earnings from odesk.com will be credited. actually, i haven't started taking projects yet. but once i get enough time (and a fast internet connection), i'll work on it. it's pretty exciting, getting paid to write!!!! yeaaah, and that card will be my inspiration. >XD

alright, time to study. 


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