and then it happened

i'm learning to hate you because of your ways. and i can't do anything but observe and cringe, read and roll my eyes, and wonder and curl in disgust. i'm too old for this. i definitely am, but somehow i want to tolerate my childishness in this aspect of my life, cos seriously, i never knew better. someone's gotta show me what to do, cos i'm an idiot when it comes to this.

i feel especially old when i reminisce a lot. you see, memories are for the old. errrr, memories are for those who actually have a good one at least. HAHA errrrrrr....?

i'm trying to work hard for LMA, it's the least i can do being part of this particular production. being script-editor, i realized, was actually a very small job. so i'm doing my best to help out on other things. cos it bums me that i've already done my part and won't be doing anything else. nakakahiya kaya. everyone's working hard and since i'm pretty much done with 80% of my job, i thought i should help out. in any way i could. ang bait ko ba? oh, the remaining 20% goes to cast selection.

it flatters me that they liked my shirt design. too bad it's exclusive for FCLC members only >:( and wait, most of our new members today signed up because of the shirt. i don't think it's a good idea to make the shirt exclusive. i want my design to be seen everywhere. >:( grrrr

uhmm... hmmm... back to the first paragraph. i'm starting to hate the guy, really. i realized i can't tolerate his ways. best way to deal with this, i gathered using my utterly and unreliably inexperienced emotional psyche, is to minimize any form of contact with him. like, why the hell? I DON'T EVEN KNOW. what do you suppose i do to push him out of my friggin encephalon? not that i think of him a lot, but whenever i do, i get irritated to the core. whenever he breezes my mind, i never recall the good days. all i remember is me looking at my fool-est, and him fooling around 24/7. not a good memory. errrrr

ugggh, jealousy saps out my virtues.

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