what to do when you're sick and beating a deadline

here are a couple of things i need to accomplish before the sun rises.

1. at least 2 articles
- was supposed to do this yesterday but my alarm clock failed me again. you see, i slept for 12 hours. >8D but it's fine, it's the best gift i could probably give myself these days. last friday night i toiled over our digicir project (which paid off) and did 4 articles. @_@; the next day i got sick. here's when you start to regret taking jobs that aren't well compensating, all for the sake of earning paying the internet bills and buying meds for my stupid allergies.

2. study for our algorithm final exams.
- asdackdv vaakbnhsd

3. my cousin's homework
- which was passed onto me because they don't have the necessary technology for it (ie. internet and printer)

now. it's 11, and we just bought a healthy supply of my favorite coffee. >:)

glasses on.
good morning everyone! >:D >:D >:D

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