i don't know who or what to blame this on but i'm not in the mood to write! it's almost Christmas, but i can't feel it. >:| it seems just like a regular holiday you knooow, food, gifts, stuff. hehe

maybe i'll go watch the remaining of chuck season3.  >:)

oh wait. something epic happened, i was able to bike out of the sub! and i thought the guards won't let me out. e bat dati?! >8D yehey for conquering my fear of getting hit by cars! LOL i didn't go far, i just came to get a haircut and cellophane (FAIL) at the new salon across petron dahlia. kainis, waste of money! hair treatments are always always a waste of money. remind me to do nothing else but get a haircut whenever i enter a salon. >:\

so what exactly is a cellophane? the dude-gal just colored my hair with washable henna wax and wrapped it in cling wrap! it's supposed to make my hair shinier and look less damaged, but the luster for the most part only came from excessive blow drying and ironing. i bet it's all gonna wash out when i take a bath tomorrow. so much for 500. i could've just colored my hair at home. akjvhbadatdBANHJAN

btw. i've finally verified my paypal account using the eon card. so many deductions wtf! a dollar per withdrawal, sheeezzzz. @_@ i'll let it sit there till it accumulates enough for the withdrawal fee to be lifted. till then, i'll have to work harder. >:\

but first. let me enjoy my vacation by watching chuck! >8D

ang loser e no? walang magawa ngayong pasko! the malls look uninviting, and i'm always so broke. HINDI KO ALAM KUNG SAN NAPUPUNTA PERA KO SHET. internet, tithes, what else ballpens?! wala na. ubos na pala don lolz. naghanap pa e!

sige, hmm, ay ayoko magplano dito. may sumpa tong blog na to e.

may alam ba kayong mas madaling trabaho???? it's good being complimented, but it's better compensated.

the learning experience was unbelievable though. the power of research writing is truly amazing. i wish my research hours are also being paid for!

may namimiss akong tao nakakainis naman!

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