let's do this!

no, i'm not doin anything breadboard related today. i just busted out the entire pack of LEDs i bought yesterday, so i had to buy new pieces. grrr i knew it, it was so foolish of me to try them out at 9V. >:| i lost 30 pesos because sheer stupidity.

for now, i'm waiting for skype to finish installing on my PC. my to-be employer required me to do so, to facilitate easier communication. i dunno, i'm new to skype and i'm fucking excited to start working on this project! so what is it? i'm only starting my odesk career now, when i signed in a year ago. just recently, i had the honor of having an employer initiated job offer. which was crazy so i accepted it right away. now i'm preparing for my first writing assignment! the job is two write 20 300-500 word articles on various topics.

an article a day keeps the boredom away! no, make that two.

PS: i'm currently in love with this video: http://youtu.be/CHv8pb-4fmg  that's Kurt Schneider's cover of "Listen to your heart". if there weren't so much talking in it i'd dl this as mp3. couldn't find a better cover! ♥

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