Merry Christmas!

Spent the 25th at my lola's! it was a fun and tiring day! our family gets bigger and bigger every year that we couldn't even fit in the place anymore. What a blessing >:D Time has gone by so fast, we used to be the small kids running around and lining up for mint 20 peso bills from my uncles. Now, the only reason we run around is to chase our hyperactive nieces and nephews, but we still fall in line for the bills hehehe.

Some pics,

Happy Holidays!

PS: This serves as my first official entry in this new blog I created. HEHEHE I'll mark this, though my real blogging anniversary date is June 4, 2004. I already started blogging even before that (at but my account has already been deleted, anyway... either June 4 or May 30.

fine, i'll take June 4, for the lack of evidence. BUT IT FEELS WEIRD, celebrating on the wrong date. arg. let's just say June 4 is my Blogger anniversary, but i really started May something. sucks when info like this gets pulled out of the web. i should've known i would need it, then again i'm 6 years late. hahaha was my former and 4th blogger address, and it contains all of the entries from all of the previous blogs i had at blogger (thanks to the import option). So that pretty much accounts for (almost) everything i've been through since 2004. >:)

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