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hi! i just finished downloading the last 2 episodes of Chuck (thank you, thank you, torrent) and also changed my layout into a girly pastelish sort. i like the colors! >:D

anyway. Chuck. season two was awesome! so awesome, i couldn't think of any series that could compete with it. i mean, how many american series have i watched anyway? IT'S THE BEST SERIES EVER CREATED! i laughed, cried and got my feelings involved too much. it was simply awesome!
season 4 is still on the run and by the looks of it, i think i can finish season 3 before the 4th ends on TV . SOOO, there's a lot of waiting happening in the future. sad. >:\

haay boring week. nothing like Chuck and Harry Potter to cheer me up.

PS: i'm not going anywhere with my diet. i'm still fat. >:S

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