books online!

the book i ordered on ebay finally arrived! it's a second hand copy of All American Girl by Meg Cabot. it's a favorite one of mine, and is the first ever book i read in a single sitting. been wanting to have my own copy hehe.
i'm totally getting the hang of buying books online, they're cheaper, for one! course, it doesn't matter if they're second hand, or even third as long as it's readable, and in good condition.

the thought of reading excites me a lot. if only i have a pretty couch in my room then i'd be more inspired! tamad e! the problem is, i forget everything i read! so i want to reread everythiiiing. as in, every single book in my shelf right now. also! whenever i wanted to read, the urge to doodle always kicks in. so note to self, if i plan on reading, bringing a book alone will do. no emergency ballpens, or paper. just a book. okay, maybe a ballpen cos you'll never know when you need to write! like when an emergency situation comes around that requires writing. like, uhm, weeeell. a ballpen is a staple item in my bag.

so here's yet another attempt to create a "progressive" reading list. course, knowing me (and this blog's to-do curse). i'll just stare at them.

on second thought, i'll just tell you when i've read one. haha

time for chuck! >:D

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