i looked at my time table and thought how i'm going to be sleepless for the next 10 days, that's until the 17th. my first writing assignment was every bit hard. i didn't think it would be this, uhhh, hard. argh. 

let's see if i can do this. 

everyday, i get home more or less around 4 or 5. then i bike til 6. then everything school/junk related gets my 6pm onwards. NOW. being the slow writer that i am, a 500 word article would probably take me 3 hours. excluding research. normally i get sleepy at 12. 4-6=2. that means i only have 2 hours to study for whatever school is asking me to. SO. in 10 days, i have to write at least 2 articles a day to produce 20 unique writeups. 2 aricles = 6 hours. asdsadgasivbagsyfldh

i have to extend past 12mn.

i'm killing myself. 

PS: i got chased by a dog. again. i thought that orange firefox dog was cute, until it came running for me, barking in an unspecified language. i was screaming when i pedaled home. >:|

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