i'm done with the project, but gmail is such a bitch it won't let me attach. now i'm tryna sort this out before i totally waste my deadline. i sent my employer a copy-pasted version, but of course i still have to work on the attachment. this can't go for long. asd;kNLFMDS ' it says, shockwave flash is being unresponsive. unresponsive my ass.

mr employer is asking if i want more assignments, i do. but NOW i'll extend the contract period. i just deprived myself 10 days of decent sleep because of my silly 20-articles-in-10-days challenge. considering that it was our finals week when i accepted it, i just realized that it's suicide. asdlvj fsn;mlan;khw'

let's see, so in the past 10 days. i've written at least 7,000 words divided into 20 articles. that's so much torture. but i guess, i just have to manage my time and try to write during the daylight so it doesn't feel like i'm doing the graveyard shift. THE PROBLEM IS, i like to sleep when the sun is up, and work when it's down. but you know, SCHOOL.

adfchjbn;m. now that vacation has started (kind of, just one more exam tomorrow), maybe i can write more?

challenge accepted.

here's my next project.
40 articles, 30 days. sounds better. >:)

at least i have job.

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