you cheer me up

because i'm having such a hard time figuring out what to do with my problems, terai bought me these to cheer me up! a set of stabilo markers (my, err...7th set of colored pens haha), a red akatsuki cloud cellphone chain from comic alley, and a pint of selecta coffee crumble ice cream (my 2nd pint this week OTL).

aww. i've been extremely paranoid lately. i can't stop acting like a cow. it was mistake i listened to THESE adults. i trusted their instincts so much because for one, they're in the right position to tell me what to do, and also... they seem to be old enough to know what to advise me to do. i wish i had listened to my parents instead. 

anyway. what's done is done. i need all the courage to talk to my boss tomorrow. this has grown into such a troublesome gossip i don't know what to do anymore. actually, i do, but i have no idea if it's right. i'm just banking on the possibility that's it's gonna work. but first i need to fix this issue with my boss. 

Lord, help me. 

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