lethal habits

a list of habits that, i know, will eventually lead to my natural death. unless of course i die of an accident, or murder, or something cooler and nobler (for me)... like alien abduction, time travel, or a laboratory mishap.

1. night/midnight showers --- spare me the research, i've never heard anything good about this. and why do i do this? so i don't have to take a full bath in the morning. it takes a lot of time drying up my hair, and if i do this at school, it's gonna dry up bad, like tikwas tikwas all over. i want it dry in the morning so i could iron it straight. hehehe once i get my long hair back, i'll quit this fucking habit.

2. dairy queen (or sweets, in general) --- i never get satisfied walking out of a mall without having DQ (if there's one). most of the time i get sick because of this but i never learn. my dad is diabetic, and so are most of my relatives on his side, which means there's more than 50% chance i'll get it too. >:( it's so hard to give up on this one.

3. street food --- i eat too much of these whenever i get the chance. personal favorites, isaw and chicken balls. but it really depends on the sauce. chances are, i'll get hepa because of this. ayaw. @_@

4. cold drinks --- is generally bad for the health because it hardly aids in digestion. which is why my mom banned the pitcher from the ref. the only source of cold water here is the dispenser, BUT my mom also forbid us to turn it on, unless there are guests. my mom is the law. but it's cool cos i drink more water when it's not cold.

5. lack of water --- for the record, i only drink an average of 1 plastic gatorade bottle of water. i try to drink more but a glass full in one shot makes me wanna throw up. i do need all the hydration i could get to avoid looking a generation older but the problem is, as much as i want to drink water, i only trust the water at home.  ;_; i wish i could bring a jug but that's too highschool. conformity sucks.

6. nailbiting --- ah yes.


school: fine. :)

work? fine, but i still feel uneasy about the lightness of my job description. and i'm too shy to approach my boss and ask if she has anything she wants me to do. >:( haaaaaaaayyyy. where's my initiative? huhu

i am so majorcrushless, but i have crushes of course. i figured that, one of the factors why my crushing intensifies is the presence of people who know about it. and because right now, no one knows about my current crush, i guess the feeling will remain low. hahahahahahahahahaha clue, accounting >:)

i take back everything i said about wanting to have just 2 friends. I NEED A LOT PALA.

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