remember D???? my self-proclaimed Yeorim (Go Yung Ha)??????? i stalked him on facebook and saw that HE'S WEARING GLASSES in his default pic. can i faint for a while??? he's too cute. he's too... Yeorim. ♥_♥ argggghhhh weaknessss.

everytime i see him my heart flutters like crazyyyyy. >:D actually it's the smile eh. he always smiles. Yeorim always smiles. i don't know who i like better but at least D is real. yeah right. not that it makes any difference lol. he has a girlfriend tho. who cares? i don't.... wanna be his girlfriend anyway (or anyone else's for that matter. uhh for now. like 10-28-10 20:16:00) LOL

right now. my heart screams Yeorim! and ocassionally D, or G, or JE or MA. whoever's within sight. i am so unfaithful. WAHAHAHA who are they ba? they're just crushes!!! >:D i don't caaaare at all. yeah, and i'm so indifferent i put up an entire entry (even a Category) for these inspirationssss. WAHAHAHAHA

kinikilig ako. andame ko nanamang ballpen! >8D

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