life's been pissing on me, real hard.

the operator says my call and text card number is invalid. i tried reloading n times and it says, the card has already been used. i tried reloading n^x times and it says, i've reached the maximum number of reload attempts and should try again in 4 hours, blah minutes. yes, i get it, the universe is not on my side. pun intended, the globe is not on my side. for now.

which led me to assume that i bought a counterfeit prepaid card, in which case i just lost three hundred fucking bucks. how do i complain this one? fine, i'm such a complainer. fuuuuuck. 4 hours and blah minutes left. i can't wait to read manga, and stream the remaining episodes of chuck season 2, plus bleach.

by the way, things are probably getting better but i still feel the same. hahaha. too much stresssss. and i'm not getting thinner, in fact, i just bought a half gallon of ice cream a few hours back. coffee crumble again! it's my 3rd this week. so help me God. >:(

i wonder why he's too concerned about me these days. maybe he wants to make it up to the amount of effort (and cash) i put on his play last term. maybe he needs me again for their upcoming project. maybe he's genuinely concerned. maybe he's just a generally nice person. OR MOST PROBABLY, out of all who feel the same for me, HIS concern is what matters most. e crush eh! sorry! sya talaga mapapansin ko. but seriously, he's always there. whenever we meet he asks me what's up, and because i know he knows what i'm going through, i always end up spilling. he was the first person who talked to me after i walked out of the lib last wednesday, one word and i'll burst into tears (that's how bad i was feeling that day). he asked me what happened, and i just cried walking. he was on the way down but he followed me up, told me to sit on the bench, take my backpack off, and calm down. he was there, ready to listen. and all i was able to say was that it's all my fault (fuck you self-pity. fuck you guilt. fuck you very very much), then i can't stop crying na. nakakainis. then i noticed he's on duty so i just sent him away, skipped class, and walked home dispiritedly, holding back the tears. i was alone and i couldn't afford to look like i had a bad case of sore eyes. err...

nothing special, really. i mean, if it was another person who was less busy, i would've cried my balls out on him/her the same i should've done if he were free. but there was no one else. shempre masaya ko sya nakakita sakin duuuuuhh crush ko yun e (dati) hohoho. tsk. masyadong mabait at supportive. he too nice lately, he wants to make sure i'm already okay, kung nakatransfer na, kung nakausap na si mam samson, blaaaaahhhh. thank you.

nakakahiya namang nakita nya kong umiyak. shit. shempre wa poise. ampanget ko pa non for sure. darn you weakness daaaaaarrrnnn youuuuuuu. i've never been this helpless before.

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