this was supposed to be my entry last night had i not overused my bandwidth (if that's how you call it) and got disconnected by Globe.
for almost two hours now i'm getting a consistently incredulous downspeed of 1mbps from globe tattoo broadband. as far as broadband is concerned, this is the longest time it stuck to such a reading. and so, i decided to stream like a madman, i tried rewatching gravitation (anime) but got bored on the first episode. and this was my favorite yaoi anime for what, 5 years? not to mention the last time i watched it was also 5 years ago, which meant that i'm somewhere between 14 and 15, and has the most superficial concept of romance. i get ridiculously twitterpatted just seeing two characters kiss! and now, uhm, i was surprised i found the first episode quite awkward.

this is pretty much a sign of ageing. LOL my standards probably grew, hmm, 5 years older. which isn't to say that my preference is in tune with my age right now. hohoho

which is why, i just looked for something korean to watch, they may be shallow but the hilarity of the production makes up a lot for the evident lack in, well, plot. oh sorry, i was generalizing. romance comedies need to be, first hand, romantic and at the same time, funny. HAHA i'm so making sense here. great.

wow. i had lunch with JM. no, i called him over cos he was eating alone. we were 4 in the table. HAHA

i can't believe claire and i share the exact same taste in men. we were like spotting while i'm on duty, pointing random guys we have a crush on. we vibe so much. we have 4 common crushes. aaaah, ok, it's too early to say we have the same tastes, after all, i can find 10 women who have crushes on these men as well. HAHA

wait. i subscribed for 5 days unlimited internet and just now globe cut it off because my account has used 1GIG already, that's what the Globe Fair Use Policy says. WOW. who are they to say i'm being unfair with the way i consume my internet? what do you expect me to do with 1 mbps? browse facebook? Globe has been consistently giving me 0.00 kbps the past few days and i didn't sue them, and now that they gave me 1mbps, it only seemed appropriate that i take advantage of this speed. BUT they're cutting me off from streaming too much. they say my connection will be back tomorrow, i hope that meant 12mn.

i need a postpaid plan, using a private line.
let's try sun broadband. >:|

Globe, you fail so much.

and now, my connection is back and it's pretty much picking up speed again. haaay, i thought i could just stream forever but looks like i still need a TV. and lots of DVDs

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