on wired and wireless internet connection

testing the strength of smart bro and globe tattoo here in my room. apparently, this place is not good for broadband internet connections. i don't know if it's because we have 4 levels altogether or the walls here are too thick the signals can't pass through (huh?). it's really the house e. smart is pretty strong here in terms of cellphone signal but the broadband is damn weak i couldn't even load speedtest.net

on the other hand, globe is such a pain when i'm inside the house. signal is decent ONLY at the 2nd and 3rd floor. it's weak at the 1st floor and dead on the basement and that's where the office is. bwiset. anyhooow, broadband? so far it's better than smartbro... JUST IN THIS ROOM. i'm not saying globe tattoo broadband is better than smartbro, cos reallyyy when it comes to wireless connections, it all depends on the LOCATION.

i still want DSL but if i can manage with globe tattoo, hmm ok lang din. >:)

kkkk, marathon time! >:D TAE KYUUUNG!!!

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