haaay ayoko na

but why can't i quit right now? pera pera lang yan e. i can't quit because my savings are down and i'm out of revolving funds. it sucks because i never really thought of saving because i was so secured with my job. i didn't expect it will come to this. with me dreading every single day i spend at the library. it's hell to the core.

i wouldn't know what to say if she suddenly asked me if i'm transferring. sure i wanted to, but i wanted to make sure i can really make the transfer before i answer. and right now, things are bleak. what if she asks me? what will i tell her? if i tell her yes, and failed to transfer, everything would be awkward from then on. if i tell her i'm not doing anything of the sort, then go about asking her permission to, i'm doomed.

aaaaah, onga naman no? EITHER WAY I'M DOOMED. so to hell with it. i'm telling her i'm transferring. in case it doesn't happen, i'm resigning. 

e kasi naman i feel useless not earning money. epal. entangled by the strings of worldliness. plus it doesn't help that i feel like crap everyday because of work. parang wala na kong nagawang tama lately eh.

it's my fault news reached her. i wasn't too cautious either. tsk

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