he who must not be taken for granted

watching too much drama has led me to quite a passable observation of the so called 'other guy'. the lead male supporting character. the rebound guy. the one whose feelings are left unacknowledged for the rest of the series. the ever so faithful conveyor of all things unsolicited. how could you have not gathered enough pity to console this worrisome character? when all he ever did was be there when the lead guy was not? not to mention his presence wasn't expected, and WANTED to begin with.

this hurts me. i've watched several, if not tons, of dramas picturing woeful characters like this. i always express my compassion but in reality, i'm probably one those who thinks he shouldn't have done the things he did, right when it's evident that's it's not getting him anywhere inside the damsel's heart.

putting myself in his shoes, perhaps i'm too prideful to consider doing the things typical rebound guys do. if there's no chance, i'll leave. otherwise, i'll continue hanging on to that hope of having my feelings acknowledged and reciprocated one day. note that 'other guys' have an outstanding level of sensitivity that marks him as rather too assuming, or too paranoid, or just plain crazy. it's a necessary skill in order to distinguish whether his damsel has been dropping off hints saying you've got a chance, keep impressing me.

next. the damsel's shoes. if i were to walk in her shoes, with so-called 'other guy' tailing around me, i would feel extremely awkward, specially if i have already made it clear that i don't particularly need his concern. of course, his efforts are worth a recognition, after all, he's the one who's never absent when i called, he's probably "The One" --- the one i'm not looking for, and he's the one who claims to understand me better than the one i'm expecting to, which is sweet and creepy at the same time. imagine the possibility of a stalker with psychiatric tendencies. his diagnoses your every move and claims to know what you think, based on the Freudian theories. he just loves you, that's all.

fret not "the one", cos karma has it's way of making the world less unfair for you. the one you're following with all your faith, the one who constantly rejects your effort, begs you to quit and stop making things complicated, is also like you. a rebound. only, for some other guy, whom you would love to avada kedavra out of this world. but that doesn't solve anything either, for chances are the damsel you're wooing all your life, would rather follow the avada-ed one off to the netherworlds. hehe

i dunno, i'm writing this early cos i don't have anything better to do. i'm waiting for SS to stream WAHAHAHA actual reason why i'm up this early lol.

ok. as an end-note, and also in my honest opinion, as much as i feel sympathetic to these "other guys", i'd rather have them look for another. and for those damsels who enjoy being tailed around, come on, how heartless could you be? let them go. WAHAHAHA


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