oh right. so i've finally decided on something. i'm transferring to a different department, that is if i get allowed to, otherwise i'm filing for resignation. i don't wanna make it look like i'm having such a hard time at the library, cos the truth is (and as i've mentioned countless times) the work is bearable. i'm an easily bored person and i enjoy being busy, what i can't handle is the way she dumps work on us like we're part of the *geek alert* transport layer of an OSI reference model with a dysfunctional (or worse, nonexisent) flow control [1]. plus the fact that the dusty shelves are aggravating my allergies. well, i can even accept her delegating patterns as long as i'm given enough space and peace of mind to focus on it. which hardly ever happens.

i don't know. i wanna take charge of this in the most diplomatic way possible. help me Lord.

kkk, fine fine fine. i have a political map to do for my friend. a quiz to review on, aaaaand A DVD OF HE'S BEAUTIFUL SA WAAAKAS

oh and finally, i'm gonna try bon's 15-in-1 barako coffee. LOL

my day has just begun. >:)

[1] - in networking there's a concept called flow control which regulates the amount of data flow from the server to the client or from the sender to receiver. say for example the sender trasmits packets of data too fast and many for the client to handle; with flow control, the receiver won't be accomodating these data streams simultaneously (lest it might overclock/hang/freeze/dieeee), instead it deals with them one by one, each with a prompt confirming the reception of the said data.

this can be observed when transferring files from one device to another. unless the receipient specifies automatic reception, the data will not be delivered until the receiver acknowledges the sender.

i hope you get it. i did my best. OTL

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