yess. malas.

remind me to QUIT posting my plans (or stuff i'm anticipating) in this blog. they never happen.

instead of coming home with a wireless router and 5 grand, i came home with my pants and shoes soaked wet. no money, no router, just rainwater messing up with my mood.


i was aching to go home after the exam because my eyes were so sore for staying up late last night, i wanted to sleep! but i had to wait a boring 1 hour for a friend of mine to arrive because blah blah blah. charity, yes.

then mam rose asked me if i could be on duty this afternoon cos no SA's gonna be in the lib. that's 200 pesos, if i agreed. but you know, some guy named robin wanted to meet at megamall to buy my phone. of course, between 200 and 5k? duh. so i came to megamall, on time, getting extremely pissed off that the guy wasn't replying. unless he arrives cosplaying as harry potter on a broomstrick, i swear i could skewer him to death for not showing up and for not even texting a single damn thing. badtrip.

grrrrr. my allergy is getting worse. @_@

one last exam and this term is so fucking overrrr. yey.

Lord, my scholarship. please. >:( tenkyowwww!

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