when will i ever get the courage to publish my drafts?

drafts as in blog entries i decided to keep from everyone because they're too confidential. like ano, love, ganon. chaka yung kay JM din pala, cos when he mentioned my blog once i panicked so i hid everything that has to do with him WAHAHAHA i was reading my drafts awhile ago and noticed how dead-smitten i was with my first love. i was laughing at my entries grabe. ako? nasulat ko yon? meee? honestly, i'm ashamed because i think i'm too old to be only experiencing this NOW. late bloomer amp. looking back, i wasn't as interested in the concept of love as i am now. yey dalaga na meeeeeeh. yehey. okaaaaay?

argh. i dunno why i'm such a kid when it comes to this. noob. nyarhghgashladha 

back to my drafts. they're a lot, i realized! and i'm tryna clean em up, so i'm going about checking if they're just crap entries or what. anyway. yown. 

btw, i have a crush on DJ and youth pastor Jordan Escusa of Perfect Rhythm, 702 DZAS. everytime we drive to church, he's on air. ♥ ♥ ♥ ganda ng boses ♥ ♥


still not done with Flipped (Wendelin Van Draanen). so far, so.. hmm, not so interesting hehe. it's cute. but not really my type of story. maybe The Book Thief will interest me more, i'm soooo egzayted. >8D >8D

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