30 minutes

blogging from school, while working. hehehe

it's really a privilege working as an enrollment SA. for one, you get free food (2 snacks and a lunch). then you get paid full time. there's no low down at times like these, after all, i enjoy being busy. i've just gotten my schedule, thanks to dan for enlisting me >:) aaaaand, looks like i can't maximize my work hours to 20 per week. :( the most i could get is 18 hours, including saturdays. and i know mom's gonna protest, so i dunno, i'll try to cook up a good excuse for that. thing is, i can't afford to not work on a saturday cos that's gonna cost me 4 hours of wage! accumulated, that's minus 800 a month. and i need money. for personal reasons of course... like a laptop, a digicam, and the monthly internet bill. LOL

so, i'm planning on working someplace else, like, AT HOME. LOL my odesk payroll card has been sitting in my wallet for months and i haven't written anything freelance. unless i get too busy, then we'll see. :)

i really wanted to try working there. God knows i need to start saving, SERIOUSLY.

and it occurred to me that this blog is cursed. i did remind myself to quit posting future plans and stuff BUT this time, i wanna see if it's for real. imma break that stupid and silly paranoid curse i fabricated to scare the gits out of me. >:|

now we're down to 20 minutes. :)

later, probably. >:)

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