i'm such an ass, i know >;P

out of the dread that cuts through me
the promise of dawn brings back the glee
the sun is my strength, the light is my refuge
a fortress unbeaten, a resolve unshaken


everything i say points out to you
you don't even need a gawdamn clue
and i must say, you're not always the case
so don't get so full of yourself and your fawking face
you might ignore it, you might not get it
so much for asking if you still can't feel it
i can't say it right, i can't say it loud
i might end up spilling


i never wondered why you cared so much
it didn't strike me as something odd


anong nakapagtataka kung parati kang andyan
ganun naman talaga pag matalik kang kaibigan
bakit ako magtatanong kung bat lagi kang alala
e sino ba namang hindi, lalo na kung gabi na

anong dahilan ko para magisip ng kung ano
kesho masyado kang mabait, ibig sabihin may gusto?
panu kung? ano kaya? mga tipo mong tanong
hindi mo tinatapos, pano ko sasagot?


it was too late when i found out
about a love that was never realized


they say love is when your logic gets clouded with things
that makes you feel dumb, that brands you a fool
and turns you into a puddle of


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