ok. hinga muna. then chiiiiilllll. whew

again. when will i ever get over the pettiest things?
hmm, can i break my promise? it's JM. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.
flipped is the new word. it sounds better than giddy and twiterpatted.

ok. he still hurts me. unconsciously. of course, it would've been different if he knew. i mean, if i weren't too shy about having a major major crush on him. i know he knows. but deym i'm too shy. and every time i'm with him i alwaaaays pretend to be crushing on someone else, or at every cute guy in school JUST SO he would think my having a crush on him isn't a big deal. i want him to think, so what if she likes me? she likes everyone else anyway. ugh. but sometimes i regret acting that way. sometimes i think if i acted a bit more uhm, comfortable or unshy or sige na nga MALANDI, he would've dropped the hint and made a move. or something. maybe not. ilusyonadang weirdo.

but really. you know what hurts me? MEOW!!!!
most of the time i seriously he think he doesn't like me. for one, MEOW!!!

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