the library is a mess. specially the shelves. hay. i hate to leave it that way but there's too much time involved in restoring the books in their proper order.

you always disappoint me grabe. or maybe i was expecting too much. >:|

yesterday. terai and i came to the last day of the 9th Filipino Franchise Show. adventure cos we didn't know how to get there, at world trade center, pero madali lang pala. >:) mrt to taft, lrt to gil puyat, then orange jeepney to MoA. yun na yun. it was our first time there aaaand, hmmmmm, okay lang namaaaan! everything's worth the sore feet, aching back and headache because:

1. i get to go out
2. and eat a looooot
3. with my sister
4. without spending a single cent

the perks of being bunso, or more fittingly, the perks of having a working, SINGLE, older sister. WAHAHA
after FFS we went to MoA for a while to rest. e dyusko it was the end of the 3-day sale, plus it was a sunday so the place was super duper mega packed. bwiset lang. then there were cosplayers walking around. my con yata sa SMX, the hell i care. 

maybe it's a good thing i grew out of being a major otaku. i can't imagine the shame of cosplaying. but i understand them, i WAS a fan din naman. and i can relate to them, just not in costume. yun nga lang, and don't get me wrong, i see it as a tragic human effort to look like toys. to transform into an artificial attraction. 
it's almost idolatry. aaah sige, i don't wanna sound hurtful. sarreh. i have friends who cosplay anyway. and i love them.

back to the main event, FFS sadly wasn't as good as WOFEX (Word Food Expo). DUH shempre i know they're two different events, the one is a franchise show organized specially for enterprising individuals and the other is a food expo made for, uhm, hungry people??? biased ako cos i'm accounting its value on the amount of FREE FOOD i got. HAHAHA shempre WOFEX na, busog eh. 

WOFEX next year taralets! >:D >:D >:D

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