my friends are inviting me over for dinner but i couldn't move an inch from my bed. wrong, i couldn't move 10 meters without wanting to drag myself and plop back. it's also my sister's RD today and she wants to go out. i want to go out too! i want to eat world chicken in barbecue sauce, pesto pasta, mashed potato, and strawberry banana blizzard. imma get all these for free if i go out with my sister. but i'm so fucking beat for wheezing my brains out for the past few days.

by the way, i haven't told you how terribly uncompromising my situation was when i was taking the distruc exam. the night before that, i was fb-ing and having fun, then i got sleepy and decided to just alarm at 12mn and study from then onwards. apparently, i woke up 7:45! mommy woke me up to take my meds and asked if i have classes, then i checked the time and panicked. rarrr. in the end, daddy was forced to drive me to school. i came 45 minutes late alright. then as i was answering the exam, my nose kept itching and goo was coming out. i didn't have anything with me to stop the goo. so i was wiping my nose with my collar. if i could only take the exam with my head up, i would. @_@ when i couldn't hold it anymore, i walked out in search of a tissue. the ate from the coop gave me some and i went back happily. >:D anywaaay, for the rest of the exam i had balled tissue stuck in my nose. it helped. super. @_@
ok. ang sakit ng ulo ko. i may end up giving in to my cravings after all. >8D

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