haynako if i wasn't such a slave for money

i'm quitting soon. :) recently, with the so many small mistakes i've done, i don't think my presence is still an asset in the library. not the right soil for me to grow, apparently. after this term i'm going job hunting! yehey! >:) eto lang talaga, allow me to be bitter for awhile. i still can't forgive my boss for threatening me about losing my job and for making parinig that she's giving my task to the new SA in hopes na "baka bumilis".

aba aba. let's see kung bibilis nga.

that's why i was in such a sour mood awhile ago, then my monthly curse kicked in so i was both pissed physically and mentally. hay. and tomorrow, tomorrrrrow is yet another dreadful day, i'm gonna be at my boss' mercy again. i just hope she'll give me back the stat job cos i'm the best person for it, seriously. i hate barcoding. well, i hate everything she makes me do. but it's the 

feelings like this should not be tolerated right? specially if you're in the workplace. if anything else, you shouldn't feel tensed everyday. and because i do, the it must mean this isn't the right job for me. actually, what made this term scary is the new SA policy which says we're going to be evaluated by our bosses, and from there decide whether they still want to keep us or not. kaya ang lakas ng loob nya na balaan akong hindi na nya ko irerenew. 

i hate her ways. but i know i've been a terrible employee too so perhaps i don't have the right to speak this way. pero seriously. this is unfair. 

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