from UNITED STATES, SYOSSET -- who are you?

gimme a clue, dear reader. i ain't a proxy translator. >:|

no. i'm not done with the book thief yet. but i must say, the writing style is amazing! >:D


- GOT MY FCLC SHIRT AT LAST! yey! my first T-Shirt design! how i wish more people would wear it. LOL sometimes i regret designing it for FCLC instead of ICON. i mean, for an artist, there's a great sense of pride in seeing a lot of people wear your design. DUH. i hope you know bad i feel about the shirt's exclusivity.

- finally on chapter 2 of WORLD OF GOO!!! haha new found game! hehe

- btw, my sister's wallet got snatched! in her bag! at goldilocks SMF! >8( her fault cos she left her bag open. anywaaaaay. it's okaaaaay. there's not much moolah in there, apparently 250 tops. plus her ID'S and ATMs. oh which reminds me, akinse na pala! but she doesn't have a credit card so, so much for a snatch really. her wallet costs even more than the kacheeeng inside. LOL maybe that's what caught their attention. langyang wallet yan. buti pa yung akeeen, KIPLING! oha. fake. >:) at least her bag didn't get snatched! COS THAT'S MY BAG! and it's braaaanded. branded ukay. >:) it's one of my favorite bags cos it feels original HAHA

- started working this morning. bossing talked to me about my renewal yesterday. her biggest complain about me was that my listening skills are kinda screwed. and that i do things she didn't order me to. LOL i dunno. can i blame JM for that? ever since he came, i've been too distracted. good ridance? aah, and i admit my hearing is a bit impaired. i understand. put i'll stick with this crap i'm in. good training ika nga. and well, it's an honor having to endure working there for 6 months now! WOW HAPPY 6 MONTHS OF WORK TO MEEEE!

- i'm officially majorcrush-less. JM has downgraded to just a crush. pengeng major crush! >8D i like K! but he doesn't talk to me. and i have an impression that he hates me! if only he knew how much i love nerds. who else, there's G too! he helped daddy carry his stuff once and i kinda see him a lot these days. aaaand, based on my preliminary stalking (oo meganon, bawal angal), he likes ANIME. now there's a common ground. BUT, he looks matapobre LOL. ok lang, i'm not poor. i'm just thrifty. hahaha

- i dunnoooo, is it best friends day today? then, happy best friends day to my best frieeeeendsss:

in chronological order!
- peachy romulo! perfect kasalo pag recess, lunch and sa kalagitnaan!
- mannie rueda! perfect kalaro sa damuhan at putikan!
- karla torres! perfect kaconcertan sa MMA tuwing uwian!
- brian buenviaje! perfect pagbuhusan ng kilig sa mga kinababaliwan!

yess. isa na kong ganap na manunula.

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