truth overload

the truth has never hurt me this bad. i feel pissed because this is where our friendship starts to wear off. it's hard to bring back the old times. it's hard to fake it all. even for the sake of preserving our friendship. i feel disappointed that i was misjudged, misunderstood and betrayed by the people i trusted too much, by the people i'm expecting to understand, by the people i assumed to know who i am... naturally. 

i dunno! let's not dwell on that. i'm done crying over it. 

currently. hacking my creative zen's hardware in hopes of resolving this white screen of death issue. my player looks cruelly battered now cos i'm cracking it open via a nipper! no better tools here what can i dooooo. if this works, i'm gonna cherish this player forever. i'm about to sell it at ebay with a white screen hardware defect, but i thought, if i could fix it, i wouldn't sell it anymore. besides, i don't wanna buy another player. 

btw, i'm selling my LG KP500 for 5K. who wants? see my listing at ebay. LOL search it over. i'm damn lazy.


right. still have some lousy programming to do.

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