yeah. literally. was supposed to study for calculus the entire day but i ended up spending it with my sister cos it's her rest day today, and i wanted to accompany her cos it's the only day i get to spend an entire day with her. we were supposed to go to megamall to stroll around... BUT we came through a lot of hassles, quarrels which brought me to just leave her and go home. how? we went to the store first to encode her attendance, then we rode straight to megamall. halfway there, her boss texted her that she forgot to encode something else. she got mad  --i dunno, she always does-- at herself, most probably, for ever forgetting that stupid thing that cost her the entire trip. gawd, she's a monster. we got down the bus and had to walk a mile to reach the bus stop so we could go back to the store. she was bickering relentlessly on the way, cursing and shouting and blaaaaah. it was such a shame being with her. i could've tolerated her more, but she suddenly threw her phone on the ground!!!! you don't know how much it hurt it me, seeing her throw her phone carelessly on the pavement, for one thing, I BOUGHT THAT FOR HER. i bought it in replacement of her old phone who died cruelly of excessively being hurled at the floor. i bought it in hopes that whenever she thinks of throwing it out of rage, she'll think of me and put her freaking hand down. apparently she didn't.

she never changed.

the phone spilled open, and i had to pick it up piece by piece. it was a relatively cheap phone but i bought it from my earnings, which isn't big, you know. i shoved the parts into my bag and walked away. she followed closely behind. when we're on the bus, i tried to fix her phone but the keypad was lost, so i just gave it to her. i told her i'm getting off on the way home, and she could well settle her store issues alone. i gave her my umbrella in case it rains.

i got home, and took the entire happening as a chance for me to start studying calculus. i was about to take a bath when she called, and asked me to come with her to the mall. she was trying to make it up to me. i was tired, but i followed her, in case she tries to do anything stupid. at least i'll be there to document it, and laugh at her. she's the type of person who gets guilty over her childish tantrums so easily, and tries to make things up immediately. blah blah blah blah. we're ok now. except that i can't forgive her for buying such an ugly casing for her now battered phone.

okok. i'll study now. jimm's, i'm your slave tonight.

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