sana tumagal

a blog entry before i officially start slaving myself over schoolwork. there's just too much to do. and i've run out of jimm's 7-in-1 coffee, so tyaga tyaga muna sa nescafe 3in1. antok na nga ako e. patay.

the quirino hostage taking was an awful reminder of how our police forces lack a hell lot of training, and balls too. in less than an hour i've gathered a bunch of funny SWAT mock definitions on facebook:

sugod, wait, atras, takbo!
super wala akong training
sige wait abang tayo
sana wag ako tamaan

just to name a few.

and now we're on travel alert status at many countries. HK has also imposed a travel ban here.
goodbye tourism. what a slap for the current administration. God help us.

k. got work to do.

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