i feel like people are overestimating my problems. HAHA sorry naman if my biggest problem right now is my CRUSH. did that disappoint you? am i not entitled to worry about such a trivial thing? did it strike you as you as odd that i'm worrying about something that you wouldn't think worried me in the first place?! do i look like i'm too old for this? (i know, yes. but, reallllyyyy???!?!?!!!)

ok. i've warned you enough. if you think my problem is big, it's thrice smaller in reality. i'm always exaggerating here. you should get yourself used to it.

i've been wailing tearlessly ever since i knew about it! and now people think like i have a problem with my boyfriend (my non-existent one). the truth is, if it looks like i have a problem with my boyfriend, in reality the problem is about my crush. if it looks like i'm getting my husband annulled, in reality i may be breaking up with my boyfriend. there's a pattern. thrice smaller than it seems. be aware. hehe 

WALA AKONG MAKWENTOHAN. pero ayoko naman magkwento kahit kanino lang! nakakinis kasi pag feeling nila, ang liit liit lang ng problema mo. >:( yoko na. masyado kong iniisip yung iniisip nya saken nung nalaman nya. rarrr


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