is wheezing her brains out

perfect health. that's all i need right now. i could trade everything for it. i hate getting sick! i used to be really healthy! that was before i spent an entire summer at a newly painted dormitory 3 years back. i must've inhaled all the paint gas and had toxic deposits in my lungs. since then , i easily get colds. fuck.

heyhey! above is a picture of my bulletin board duh. it's pretty cluttered but i like it that way LOL

actually i only have two major things to do right now, and they're all ORGWORK. wow. i've never been this busy on extra curricular stuff, then again, ever since i transferred to fern, co-curricular stuff never gets me busy. at least not this busy. hehe

1. play bill - just how do you call a playbill a playbill when it has no sponsors? i suggested this for the sake of post-promotion. never thought i would be handling the entire content though (and layout). anyway, no one has ever encountered a playbill in our group before. and i'm pretty much on the advantage (no. not really) for having watched numerous theatrical productions at UPLB.

2. a 6-8 paged essay on UPRIGHTNESS. it's for the FEU-ACP Essay Writing contest which i'm so gonna curse to hell if it takes another 6 hours from my sleep-schedule. and knowing me, it might even take 8. as members of that writing org chuvaness at school, we were required to participate in this. tell you what, i really wanted to join this ever since it was posted, but i never got the time to do proper research. well, i did, i borrowed a compilation of winning essays from the previous years and thought there was nothing special with it. not that i could write better, but it was boring. nothing striking. maybe it's because of the theme. >:| ewan. i might not do this after all. tinatamad ako mehn. T_T;

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