asan ka?!?!?!!!!

WAAAAAHHH!!!!!! @_@ i'm getting stressed over design jobs. i suck so much at photoshop >_< currently toiling over editing my proposed play poster design, because it looked like a horror movie poster. @_@

when it's actually comedy. 

grabe talaga, every time i think about it, napapa WAAAAAAHHH ako literaaaallll!!!! parang whaaaat, everything from the start isn't true? you befriended me because you knew?! gaaaawd, i seriously don't think you're that kind of person. and i have no grounds to say everything was like, untrue or something. can you even fake it in the first place?! I AM SO DOOMED AND DESPERATE FOR SOMEONE TO TALK TO ABOUT THIS. i can die of shame now. seryoso. 


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