i hope you're not reading (open letters)

wow my story still gets faved at ff.net! and it has already been 3 years. nakakatouch. thank you to the currently 57 communities who featured my story. BWAHAHA you're the reason why my story is still reaching out to many readers (and HPDM shippers lol). to the 249 reviewers, and the 307 people who faved my work. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

yeah. i get flattered more with strangers. that's why i never tell any of my friends about my work. and i actually also prefer strangers to read this blog. HAHA but ironically this blog is linked to all my personal accounts so whatever. i want hits. not necessarily readers. BWAHAHAHA

dear friend: i don't know what else to tell you that will justify my existence here. every time we talk you make me feel like i'm only wasting my future here, as someone who's from UP (LB lang naman). it's flattering that you think i'm too smart to be here. but srsly, i'm not the smartest at school. not yet? and i don't think i'll ever be there. why don't you ask the top scholar why she's here with us if you think this school doesn't deserve to have smart people? >:)

i know how you feel. we both feel like our school is full of crap. and that we're not learning enough. and that we'll march out unequipped with the right armaments to survive the real world. it doesn't take a genius to realize what's missing. but i'm only here for one thing, a diploma. and since i gathered that walking out of a mediocre school as a mediocre student won't do me any good, i figured i had to get a latin honor at least to compensate for being here. fuck yeah please. it's good to hear that someone thinks the same way. i only know of a few who see that.

dear friend #2: yaaak pinoproblema kita bat ganon? parang tanga. kahit may alam ka. i'm not giving you room for assumptions. hindi porket alam mong ganon, pwede na. tangna loob.

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