ozom >XD

we had to ride the mrt to reach the auditorium. while inside, i asked chamel to sell the playbills and take note of those who did, cos they're the only allowed to watch the play because of limited seats. blandy was there. tanja was there. they bought playbills. i don't remember who else did and who's inside the train. the doors closed and i looked for chamel but she's nowhere. that train started moving, when we heard a warning from the driver which says the railway is incomplete!

we were speeding through the metal rails when suddenly the train went on a free fall! everyone clung tightly for their lives as the train fell and gave an alarming thud as it landed on another railway underneath. a short pause, and it came running again, its engine revving to accumulate speed. and like a bad omen, the railway was yet again cut short and we were sent to another roller coaster ride, gripping for our lives. my poor nervous system couldn't handle the stress and thrill at the same time.

i woke up with a 'whew', thinking how i survived the first fall without gaining consciousness. i thought you were supposed to wake up when you're body is falling in a dream. but i didn't. i woke up on the second fall, instead.

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