before i forget!

so there's a competition i was watching, the contestants were all americans and kris aquino was one of the judges. one of the contestants was a fat ex-cheerleader who wore a pink frilly dress and jumped onto the stage like a stiff flyer. she's good. the other one was a rocker who wore tight leather and violet accessories. her hair is styled up like a punk rocker and she has thick black/violet eyeliner. she sang during the intro. she has a good voice! in fact i remember the melody of the song. i'm just not sure if i've heard it somewhere else. then kris aquino was touched by the song that she walked out from her chair and slid from the judges corner, all the way down to sing along with that contestant. she sang a different song, one which has an old feel in it. it was a good song. then i woke up.

my dreams are pretty random these days. but i'm glad they are. recurring dreams serve as some sort of premonition right? i'm paranoid enough to worry about that. naman o.

this morning terai brought us blueberry cheesecake, pizza, a half-pound grilled burger, burritos and bibingka from the yearly Banchetto (midnight food fest) at Emerald Ave. Ortigas. SOBRANG BUSOG. goodbye diet. ang hirap grabe. sobra. HUHUHUHU

makapag bio-fit nga. grr

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