uhm hello! >:D

i feel so sleeeeepy but i still have to do something about 4thglan haaaaaay.

you know what, sometimes i think i talk about my crushes like i'm actually in love but i just won't admit it because i have standards. then again, they're made to be ruined eh diba. love kinda ruins every logical foundation you've built your beliefs in. but still, i'm not in love. wahaha scorpios have a tendency to get really obsessed and i'm not an exception. hahaha

anyway, ever since the play i kinda see him everywhere, with everyone... i know. which really made me think, am i the only one he's not acquainted with? ok fine, everyone knows him. parang ayoko ng ganon. hahaha

good news... see this?

i made this on a close deadline for a logo making contest erni prompted me about. that was hand-drawn and scanned but i also made a digital version of this one, but i don't know how to soften the edges so that's the better version already.

i won... i think? cos erni said he could give me the cash price already. which is a bit small but it's okay! i mean, yey! i'm making money out of something i'm genuinely passionate about! haha

that's really good news for me. i mean, 2 weeks, 2 artworks. both winners. i wish i was a top-rated artist so i could charge bigger with the works (as if!). but really, i've come to understand how it doesn't matter how it doesn't matter how you're being compensated as long as you're passionate and happy about your job.

yeah, but as much as possible you try to convert your passion into a currency para mas fulfilling diba? HAHAHA

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