i thought i was on hiatus?

well, scratch that! i have never been successful in any of my hiatus attempts. HAHA ang arte arte naman. o yan i'm back after a miserable two days. the reason why i went on a (fail) hiatus, is too personal, too sensitive and is something i'm trying to avoid talking about especially here! i've never opened this up to anyone (well, like... just one person pa lang haha) and i want to keep it that way because every time i talk about it, i become over emotional and end up crying. so sorry to those who were asking. aaah siguro after a few years (or months) i'll post something about it.

i'm glad it's friday cos i can finally sleep without having to worry about anything for the next day. you know what, because of that frakking 'personal' issue, i crammed studying all of my exams. concentration fail! the filitwo exam was hard! but i studied naman... err kinda. my thursday exams were probably the best cos they were all easy! the dastrc exam was super ayos, i finished earliest cos i need to study for the next exam pa. luckily, we got a leakage. call us evil, but that's how it goes in college. i was so relieved when we were given a copy of the exact questions present in the rizal exam. whew!

however, the exams awhile ago didn't go too well. i think i'm gonna fail the eng3 midterm exams. crap. and the 4thglan exam was crazy. so much for 20 pesos worth of handouts, none of the answers were there! the programming part was easy though.

awhile ago at work i was sooooo sleepy i kept on going in and out of the bathroom just to catch sleep! then when i get back to typing, my head isn't working. there was a time when i almost started dreaming and when i woke up i've typed in a lot of gibberish already. i remember the word, 'shower'. wow, i wonder if i'll be able to type my dreams unconsciously when i get extremely sleepy while blogging. hahaha

you know what sucks? i was 93% done on a 64MB file i was downloading awhile ago then i got disconnected! and there's just no frakking way to resume broken downloads without getting it corrupted. i was downloading Andy McKee's album Art of Motion cos he's such an awesome fingerstyle guitarist. i'm in love with Rylynn! i get the same feeling with Yiruma's River Flows in You. nakakaiyak naman eh.

minsan ang sarap umiyak e no? T___T;

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