ideal guy! :D

i found this in my private journal... dated august 2009

What is your ideal guy?

Because you said ideal, I won’t hold back. I want a guy who has at least an above average IQ but is not a genius. I want smart kids with social lives! Wahahaha. Well, actually I just want someone whom I can talk to with sense especially about life hahaha. Physically, I want a good looking guy. Someone way taller than I am, but it doesn’t really matter cos I don’t always give justice to that certain preference. Someone who engages in at least one physical sport, except sumo wrestling. Someone who appreciates classical music and piano concertos. Hahaha Someone who plays an instrument other than the guitar cos it’s too generic. Piano? Violin? Sax? Hohoho  Someone mature. Someone who doesn’t nag whether I’ve eaten already, surely I’m responsible enough not to starve myself. Someone whom I can trust. Someone whom I can bring to Church every Sunday. A believer of tithing. Someone who accepts my short nails and my nailbiting habit. Someone who accepts my ugly feet and my small hands. Someone who criticizes my writing, my singing and my drawing. Someone honest. Someone who isn’t putting up with me just to earn my favor. Someone who tolerates my mood swings (I hardly have mood swings anyway). Someone whom I can talk to about weird stuff, about my weird dreams and my novel ideas. Someone who reads books. Someone who appreciates art. Someone who tolerates my extreme indulgence in colored pens and ballpens. Someone who understands how I spend with gadgets and art materials. Someone who appreciates my wardrobe. Someone who doesn’t care if I’ve worn the same pants for 2 or 3 consecutive days already. Someone who understands that I like expensive coffee. Someone who likes coffee. Someone whom I can go backpacking around the world with. Someone who eats vegetables and burong mustasa. Someone who accepts that I’m at my ugliest when I’ve just woken up in the morning.

Demanding! But really, I don’t buy the opposites attract thing, I want someone close to my kind. Actually, just someone whom I can talk to about anything is cool. 

and after 6 months, the specs still hold true.

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