the rizal book i'm reading is SOOOOOO biased. i mean, come on! rizal isn't even good looking, why are so many girls falling for him? and it's written like he's some kind of a rich handsome diplomat. ay grabe, ang biased eh! honestly ah, i think they're overstating it.

the book is quoting passages from rizal's diary, which means the author has a copy of it... and if that's the only thing he's basing rizal's psychological profile from (aside from history), then daaaamn, i couldn't imagine how glorious his profile would be. i mean, how does the author know gertrude beckett is really in love with rizal? o-sei-san? adelina boustead? did they get these girls' sides?

yeah right, it's written in his diary! that's rizal's fucking diary, it's HIGHLY possible that he's under the illusion that these girls are freaking in love with him, and he's writing it on every page of his journal. i'm not against rizal or anything... i respect him, yeah, but the book! i was hoping i'd get a better picture of his life but all i see is how he's such a great patriot, always thinking of his fellowmen, indulging in euro-trips in search for philippine history. ok. it's a travel journal as far as i can tell.

aside from the irritating partiality the book presented, the structure is overkill. he's a historian at first then he jumps into being an opinion columnist. i'm confused, it's switching from objective to subjective and it's freaking disturbing.

rizal: life, works and ideals == is not worth 285. :P

rizal, i want to know you. i'm just being too prejudiced. sorry.


// i saw my crush! i frakkkkking couldn't speak. again. why oh why? =___=;

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