RIP prof. ruperta r. asuncion :(

i just heard news that prof ruperta asuncion passed away last february 3, 2009 (11am) due to stage 4 cancer.

i could still remember how everyone regarded her as a terror teacher. i was a freshman when she became my english professor at uplb and it's in her class that i realized how stressful college could be. as a freshman, she was a complete shocker to me. at that time she was the most demanding teacher i've ever met (now she's only next to sir pol mojica haha). she always reminds us not to get into relationships early, not to get pregnant while in college and to avoid guys, she would ask each one of us if we have boyfriends/girlfriends already and comment on it hahaha. plus, she would flunk a quiz/seatwork/hw written on a TORN yellow pad. she wants them CUT, with scissors. she hates seeing those paper fibers hanging on the sides of the paper. everything we pass to her has to be strictly formatted and smokin clean. hahaha it's also in her class that i get to visit the main library often. hey, did you know that the person at the front door of the libary who counts the students coming in and checks our bags is called a sentinel? yeah, i know sentinel... but it's pretty much a guard, in lay man's terms. sorry, labo.

despite being quite a monster in class, she's really a warm hearted, fun and kind person outside class hours, almost like a mother with the way she comments on our projects. i still feel sad about this news. mam asuncion, God bless you, you are a great teacher. :'(  LOL it's quite a shame that i never knew she was an author until NOW, when i did some research.

so yeah, RIP. i know you're doing good up there.  :D

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